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Specailist in African Bridal, Evening Dresses & Men's Fashion

"You can have anything you want if you dress for it"


- Coco Chanel

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A highly skilled professional service who understands

the importance of your special day.

Fall in love with your one-off bespoke tailored Eldimaa

We bring your imagination to life and sketch your ideas to create that unique one of a kind outfit you have always dreamt about.



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Patricia B.

"Hey Elizabeth, my birthday dress is perfect, people were buying me drinks because of it last night"

Alex B.

Love this! Thanks to the best tailor"

Agata P.

"I'm wearing a fabulous skirt from Eldimaa Fashion. I love this skirt! More ordered. Happy customer"

Tara N.

"Hi Elizabeth, Thank you for this beautiful dress, it was just right for the music video. I love it"

Charlotte WS.

"I love it! love it! love it! Thanks Elizabeth, all the Nigerian ladies at the wedding were paying me compliments"

Shane J.

"I love this waistcoat. I can't wait for your new men's collection!"


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